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Kiss the Teacher Rocks the Felixstowe Carnival: A Night of Abba Magic

Music has an incredible ability to transport us through time, evoking emotions and memories long forgotten. Few bands do this as masterfully as Kiss the Teacher. In July 2023, the Felixstowe Carnival experienced a truly unforgettable evening as "Kiss the Teacher" graced the stage, bringing the timeless sounds of ABBA to life. With colourful costumes and irresistible beats, a mesmerising night that had carnival-goers dancing till late.

A Journey Back in Time:

The Felixstowe Carnival is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, attracting people from all walks of life to revel in the spirit of summer. This year, however, the carnival reached new heights with the inclusion of the sensational tribute band, "Kiss the Teacher." As the sun set over the horizon, excitement rippled through the crowd, eager to experience a musical journey that promised to revive the '70s spirit. The large crowd waved glow sticks along to the beat as they danced and sang
along those all-time favourites. 

A Musical Extravaganza:

From the infectious rhythms of "Waterloo" to the heartfelt ballads like "The Winner Takes It All," the band captured Abba's emotional range with precision and fervour. Their harmonies soared, instruments resonated, and the carnival grounds transformed into a haven of musical enchantment. 

Engaging the Audience:

From the infectious rhythms of "Waterloo" to the heartfelt ballads like "The Winner Takes It All," the band captured Abba's emotional range with precision and fervour. Their harmonies soared, instruments resonated, and the carnival grounds transformed into a haven of musical enchantment. 

My Perspective for Being in the Crowd:

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the stage illuminated in a burst of colours, revealing the dazzling figures of "Kiss the Teacher." Adorned in vibrant costumes that harkened back to the iconic '70s era, the band exuded an energy that was infectious from the moment they stepped onto the stage. The first chords of "Dancing Queen" resonated through the air, and instantly, I found myself transported to a time when disco balls and platform shoes reigned supreme. It wasn't just the music;
it was an immersive journey back in time, with each note tugging at memories I didn't even know I had.

I watched the crowd double ready for "Kiss the Teacher" to come on stage and when they did, it wasn't just performing ABBA's songs we witnessed; they were channelling the very essence of ABBA. The harmonious vocals, the seamless choreography, and the passionate instrumentals seamlessly merged into a whirlwind of emotions. With every beat, the distance between the band and the audience seemed to dissolve, replaced by a collective sense of joy and nostalgia. The crowd around me came alive, singing along to every word, me included (I did not realise how many songs I actually knew the words to) dancing as if the years had melted away. And as the final encore ended, I found myself swept up in a standing ovation, clapping and shouting woohoo at the top of my voice, joining my fellow audience members in expressing gratitude for a night that had transported us to a realm where music truly transcends time.

An unforgettable night all topped off by a tremendous fireworks display on the seafront that was counted down as Kiss the Teacher finished their set. I want to see Kiss the Teacher perform again!

Natasha Weston 

A Visual Marvel:

 The visual aspect of the performance was equally spectacular. "Kiss the Teacher" paid meticulous attention to detail, from their sequined costumes to their well-coordinated choreography. Mesmerising lights and captivating visuals transformed the stage into a kaleidoscope of nostalgia and exhilaration.

A Night to Cherish:

As the performance concluded, the audience erupted in thunderous applause, captivated by the evening's enchantment, chanting for more, to which the band obliged and returned to the stage for a final song. "Kiss the Teacher" elevated the Felixstowe Carnival to new heights, delivering a show that celebrated ABBA's timeless music and the happiness that music brings. 

Book "Kiss the Teacher" for Your Event!

If you're yearning to recreate the magic of ABBA at your own event, the good news is that they are now available for bookings at a range of venues! Whether it's a corporate function, a private party, or a music festival, "Kiss the Teacher" can bring the joy of ABBA's music to your doorstep. 

Don't miss out on the chance to transport your audience through time with the remarkable sounds of ABBA, as delivered by "Kiss the Teacher." 


The July 2023 Felixstowe Carnival will remain etched in the memory of all who attended, including me, thanks to the spellbinding performance by "Kiss the Teacher." Their tribute not only honoured ABBA's timeless music but also revived the universal joy that only great music can evoke. As the carnival grounds echoed with the final chords of the night, it was clear that ABBA's legacy, embodied by "Kiss the Teacher," had once again woven its magic, reminding us of the powerful impact of music. And now, with the opportunity to book "Kiss the Teacher" for your own event, you can be a part of the magic too! 
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